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Feb 18, 2013 6:00am PST
that japan economy will finally start to improve. >> reporter: property company officials plan to hold more seminars. they hope to convince more asian investors to buy in japan. potential buyers say one consideration is whether the yen's weakness will continue. they are also watching for signs of pickup in the japanese economy. nhk world, singapore. >>> australia is a nation of immigrants and active in helping refugees. the nation received more than 10,000 people in need of humanitarian assistance every year over the past decade. but the increasing financial burden push the its prime minister to review the generous policy. the move has met with criticism as well as support. it's likely to become a focal point in the upcoming september election to choose federal lawmakers. we have the story from sidney. >> reporter: this refugee from afghanistan, the 19-year-old came to australia by boat in may of 2010 after the taliban killed his brother and sister. the four month journey took him through malaysia and indonesia. then for final week he was packed on to a small vessel with 30 people. he lost
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am PST
says the eurozone economy will contract for the second straight year in 2013. the commission says it expects gross domestic product to shrink 0.3% in the 17-nation eurozone from last year that compares with the previous forecast of 0.1% growth. tight lending conditions, job cuts, and sluggish investment are dragging the recovery. but it's projecting 1.4% growth for 2014. the commission says leading indicators suggest that the region's economy is bottoming out and economic activity is expected to gradually pick up. >>> it may look like a wrist watch, but it's a computer. i.t. giant apple has filed a patent application for a computer that people can wear like a watch. the u.s. patent and trademark office disclosed the patent filing on thursday. the computer has a flexible touch panel display, censors inside detect a change in the state of substrates and automatically adjust the user interface to a new position. the computer wirelessly connects with other portable devices like smartphones. there are rumors that apple is developing a wearable computer. google has also been developing
Feb 19, 2013 6:00am PST
relations and a slowing economy. it is just about double the amount of 2011 the shortfall topped the previous record set in 2005. exports to china amounted to $145 billion, down more than 10% from the previous year. the first drop in three years, falling exports of cars and machinery were the main factors. imports rose roughly $190 billion, attributed to smartphones and meat. >>> fewer visitors came to japan in january. the number dropped for the first time in 11 months. >>> people in japan's northern most island say they don't want a nuclear plant near them. they asked the government to stop building the facility. electric power development company is constructing the plant in oma. the town is 23 kilometers by sea from hokkaido. work was stopped after the 2011 quake. it was resumed in 2012. cities submitted their request to the central government. >> translator: i don't think there's any need for the construction to go forward. >> the mayor also said people are worried about the safety of the plant because it's just across the water. city officials say they are considering filin
Feb 21, 2013 6:00am PST
soon enough. we have more from hanoi. >> reporter: vietnam's economy is racing ahead. but not everybody is moving forward. streets in hanoi are full of cars and motor bikes. across the country, factories pour harmful substances into the environment. this river running through the capital is dangerously contaminated. harmful chemical readings are 30 times higher than the maximum alould allowed by the government. people living down stream are suffering the consequences. this man and his wife while born and raised in this village. they are farmers who survive by growing rice and other crops. his legs are the result of years walking in the rice patties. a government investigator told him chemicals are in the water to blame. >> translator: the water i fill my patties with is black. my legs itch from working in the rice fields. water shouldn't be black. but i have no choice but to use that terrible water for farming. >> reporter: he worries about pollution. a new deal originating in japan is gaining public attention. the japan international cooperation agency is encouraging japanese companies
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4